The Cole Twins and the



Discovering their mother's grave is empty, Karolyn and Michael Cole begin to untangle the mystery of her disappearance. When their father vanishes from the same mountain where she was last seen, the twins are determined to find answers. They find their father's notebook with a cryptic message he left for them and a map leading to a hidden cave. Expecting to locate their lost parents, they instead find themselves alone in an unfamiliar land, a world of demons, dragons, wizards, and witches. Captured and separated they now must find their way and the meaning of their destiny alone, each in opposing kingdoms in the midst of war.


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Grilled Cheese Mary

Karolyn smiled. “Then you’ll go to Mass with me?” 

Michael didn’t answer. He was busy scraping at his bagel with a butter knife. 

“What are you doing? There’s no butter on the knife. The bagel isn’t burnt, is it?” 

Michael kept scraping, removing some of the deep brown toasted face of the bagel. He held the bagel up for her to see. “An image of Christ appeared on my bagel. It’s just like the cheese sandwich miracle.” 

“What are you talking about?” She laughed. “You scraped that. It doesn’t even look like Jesus.” She inspected the bagel to see if her brother scraped a picture at all. ‘Actually, it isn’t bad,’ she thought, but wasn’t about to tell him. It might inflate his ego, or he might take her half of the bagel and scrape it too. On the bagel there was a small round head with eyes and mouth. He even made a head band supposed to be the crown of thorns. 

“Don’t you know about Cheese Sandwich Mary? A lady in Florida said the Virgin Mary appeared on her grilled cheese sandwich. She made a sandwich and when she took a bite out of it, the Virgin Mary was staring back at her from the toasted bread. She kept the thing in a plastic bag on her nightstand for ten years and it never molded. No mold for ten years. She sold it on eBay for twenty-eight thousand bucks.” 

“You’re kidding,” scoffed Karolyn pouring herself a glass of milk and taking the other half of the bagel from the toaster. 

“I’m not. I swear. You can Google it.” 

“Who would buy a ten-year-old cheese sandwich for so much?” 

“I dunno. Some casino in Vegas, I think. They sell T-shirts and stuff with pictures of the sandwich on them.” 

Karolyn laughed. “Now I know you’re full of it. No one would buy that junk…. "