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Searching for their lost parents, the Cole Twins have arrived in a world they never knew existed. Told they are reincarnated souls returned to this world as prophesied by their long missing father, they are captured by Akvan demons, separated, and now must find their way and the meaning of their destiny alone, each in opposing kingdoms in the midst of a war. Michael is to be executed as a temple sacrifice. Karolyn delivers a sealed letter to the Mekorian Council that she thought was a call for rescue but in fact it was a warrant for his death.


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Things that go Bump

Stopping at the top of the kiva’s ramp he looked for someone who might help. Villagers were running from their huts. Shouts of “The High Lord,” and banging on doors to rouse the village added to the uproar. Rushing from their homes, they carried bundles and baskets. Women held bewildered and crying children.

“Hey, what the hell’s wrong with you people? We need help— someone get me some blankets. My sister’s in shock.” A man came from a doorway to his side. Seeing him, he stopped frozen in a bow, his arms crossed at the forearms.

“What the hell is this?” demanded Michael. “You act like I’m going to kill you,” he shouted. “I’m not gonna kill anyone. I’m from Berkeley.”

The man lifted his head to peer at him, then quickly looked away. “Lord, your command is mine to follow. Please spare my family,” he said.

“I’m not going to hurt your family. What the hell? I need some blankets. My sister freaked out— Karolyn’s in shock. Will you help her?”

“As you command,” answered the man. Turning, he ran back into his hut, soon returning with two thick woolen blankets. Again, Michael entered the kiva, the man following him to Karolyn’s side. He looked at her with veneration. “Is this her? She looks smaller than the statues in Threeia,” he said. He peered sideways at Michael, stealing a glance, then quickly averted his gaze.

“Here— give me those blankets,” said Michael, taking them from his trembling hands. He placed them over Karolyn and rubbed her arms. “Look, I don’t know why you people think we’re some lord and lady, but we’re not— we’re just a couple of kids and we're lost. Somehow, we got here through a place called the Between. Have you heard of it?”

The man stole another glance at Michael for a little longer, his legs visibly trembling. “No Lord, I know nothing of wizard ways. Aša, you appear as a young man, Lord,” he said, “but you do not as kids. If you mean young goats. But then, you are the master of deception. Still, I am your humble servant and servant of the good Lady Karolyn’s as well.”