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Encountered in my Travels

The boundary between the magical world of Azmerith and our own has always been fragile. Beings making their home in Azmerith have frequently crossed to our shore, and vise-versa. Through the mystical portals of The Between, elves, dragons, goddesses, and demons have traveled to Earth, and there have been many sightings recorded, sadly now often considered to be myth, legend, or bedtime stories.

Goddesses, such as Cybele, Kwan Yan, Aradia and Diana, used to come more frequently to visit the human race when and where devoted followers worshiped them openly. Now however, since many of their devotees were burned alive as witches, or otherwise extinguished, by human politics, religious bigotry or intellectualism, their visits are less frequent and more secretive.

Though there are those who would like to diminish all mythical beings to the realms of animals or make-believe, those in Azmerith still tell their children that humans do truly exist in an invisible world that is right next to their own. Many a time, elf parents have rushed to their children’s bedrooms, hearing screams of "Mommy, there a human under my bed," to find that indeed, some human child had fallen through The Between during sleep and was under their child’s bed. 

There have also been many mystical and powerful beings born of Earth who have visited or even gone to live permanently in Gaia. They may be called back to Earth with offerings at their shrines and still come to the aid of those who believe in and venerate them. The origins listed below are either the birth place of the mystical beings from Earth or the locations of the most frequent sightings of Azmerith beings on our side of the portal.


Origin Zulu

Abatwa are tiny humans said to be small enough to hide beneath a blade of grass and to ride upon ants. They live a nomadic lifestyle of hunters. If you happen to meet an Abatwa, you will usually be asked a question like, "From how far did you first see me?" You must reply by saying you saw them from a distant peak or another faraway place. They are extremely sensitive about their size, and if you answer by saying you only saw them right then for the first time, the Abatwa will try to kill you with poison arrows. Stepping on an Abatwa by accident is also a death sentence.


Abeona and Adeona

Origin Italian, pre-roman

Spirits of literal and metaphoric journeys, they protect children, especially on their first trip away from home. Abeona is petitioned for children’s safety on the journey away and Adeona is petitioned for their safe return. Together these spirits help babies learn to walk and may be of help to babies who are delayed in learning.  


Origin Egypt, North Africa

Very old and malevolent spirits who possess the power of bi-location: being in two places at one time. In ancient Azmerith and ancient Egypt they emerged anywhere that the blood of those murdered creates a portal. In Azmerith, scholars say that Afarit demons live within The Between, which is why they are able to bi-locate. Do not confuse with Ifrit! The Afarit are primordial fire spirits. They are extremely powerful and malevolent, physically huge and terrifying. They can possess human beings so never invoke them without protection.


Origin Lithuanian

A flying dragon who often visited Earth in the region of Lithuania. A shape-shifter, he can assume many shapes according to his environment. He may be seen as a large black cat, a black cockerel or, in Lemuria as a more exotic species. As one of the many dragons created by Mara, he was considered a luck-dragon in Lithuania where he would bring good fortune and riches to families who cared for him. Contrary to religious propaganda, his services could not be “bought” from the “devil” at the price of one’s soul. His only demand was to be given respect and the sustenance of an omelet or two in return for the goods he brought.


Origin Japan

A shamanic mountain priest (yamabushi). In life he demonstrated powerful spiritual gifts as a child. He rides upon a white fox which may be an Inari. He is the Lord of Mount Akiba, Spirit of Fire Prevention. He was also venerated by the Samurai as a spirit of military victory. There are shrines dedicated to him throughout Japan.



Origin Persia

Demon made by Mara (aka Vagabond) to counter the creations of Gaff. These stout beings were known for their contrary nature on both sides of the Between. In Zoroastrian texts of the 9th-12th centuries Akvan appear in epic tales of  Persia. In one of the surviving tales an Akvan traps the hero Rostam and carries him up into the sky. He then asks Rostam whether he would prefer to be thrown upon a mountain or into the sea. Rostam, aware that the demon's oppositional nature, asks to be thrown on the mountain, and the demon in response throws him into the sea. Rescuing himself, Rostam confronts the demon again, subsequently beheading it.

Al Uzza

Origin Jordan
Goddess of the Nabataeans, renowned astrologers. She was beloved in Mecca and may have been its principal guardian goddess before Islam. She made her home in an acacia grove and knew the secret places of water in the desert.


Annwn, Hounds of

Origin Wales

Spectral hounds belonging to Arawn, Lord of Annwn, the afterlife world of Wales. Great hunters, the pack accompanies Arawn and Matilda in the Wild Hunt on windy, stormy nights and especially on Halloween, May Eve, and Midsummer’s Eve. When sent out alone they do so to foretell or announce death, to retrieve or escort souls to the spirit world or to reveal or consume a corpse.


Origin Italy

The world’s first witch, conceived when Diana seduced Lucifer the Light Bringer. Sent to Earth by her mother to teach witchcraft, sacred art of Diana, Queen of Witches. Aradia is worshiped today as a revered Wiccan goddess. Her mysterious grimoire, Aradia or The Gospel of Witches, published in 1899 is still used by witches today.



Origin Wales

Lord of Annwn, the Welsh afterlife, the realm of death and a paradise. Arawn is a gracious and hospitable host to the souls who enter his domain. Arawn travels with the Wild Hunt.


Baba Yaga (aka: Glisha)

Origin Russia
A Siberian forest goddess of birth and death before Christians deemed her a witch. She eats disobedient children, and also defends good children from evil. She has a keen sense of justice and a mean appetite. If she has a motto it is "Waste not, want not." When she eats evil-doers, she uses their bones as building materials. She has power over beasts and forests, and can rescue, nurture, and destroy.


Origin Sumer (Mesopotamia)

One of the great goddesses of Sumer, presiding over healing and life. She is a spirit of healing and walks the Earth accompanied by her pack of hounds. She is a daughter of Sirius, the Dog Star. In Pananon, several of her temples provide healing and her priests are considered skillful physicians. To honor Bau and to bring good health and quick healing to yourself and loved ones, give generously to dog shelters and help dogs in need.



Origin Germanic
Ruling over the Erret, a transit corridor for souls on their way to birth, Berchta takes special care of the souls of children. In Azmerith she sees that assigned souls reach their birth destinations and guards against souls of the departed returning to their bodies. On Earth, she was worshiped as a benevolent goddess who has pearls woven into her golden hair and lives in a magnificent palace with beautiful gardens.


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