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Kramer and Sprenger

Origin Psychosis, Misogyny, the rise of Christianity, the Black Plague and the Hundred Years War

Members of the Dominican Order and Inquisitors for the Catholic Church. In 1487, wrote the Malleus Maleficarum which explicated a crystallized theory of witchcraft which held sway for three hundred years. As a result of this and several other political and religious factors, from the early decades of the fifteenth century until 1650, continental Europeans executed between two and five hundred thousand witches (according to conservative estimates), more than 85 percent of them being women.

Lady of the Waterside

Origin China

Presides over a celestial realm filled with flowers. She protects the unification of soul and body during their connection and crossing of the treacherous Hundred Flower Bridge. May be petitioned for help with flower gardening and rebirth.

Long Do

Origin Vietnam

One of the seven Greater Dragons created in Gaff’s image to instruct and guide the people of Azmerith. Created as a master of crafts, he taught ceramics, weaving, wood carving and other useful crafts to the people of Azmerith. In dragon form Long Do was a master of ceramics which he also taught to people of the Earth.


Origin Buddhism

Known in Azmerith as the Vagabond, Mara is the arch-rival of Gaff, the creator of all that is good. Mara however is not the personification of evil that one would assume. Much of the suffering that Mara creates, the cycles of death and rebirth, the temptations and challenges, bring growth to creation.

Matilda of the Night

Origin Wales

A great huntress, while living Matilda said that if there is no hunting in Heaven she won’t be going there. Evidently, there is no hunting in Heaven as now that Matilda has joined the spirit world she is the leader of the Wild Hunt. She is often seen riding and hunting with Arawn and his hounds in the paradise of Annwn, the afterlife.

Masters of Rebirth

Origin Azmerith

Created by Gaff to oversee the renewal of his creations, their task was to be a simple one, directing the process of rebirth to ensure a balance of life forms in Azmerith. The Masters had received great power and authority from Gaff. Later, corrupted by lies of the Vagabond, Mara, they believed themselves to be supreme beings, subservient only to one, the Vagabond.

Moirae, Sisters

Origin Greece

 Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos are three sister goddesses who control fate or destiny. Living in a cave on the ethereal plane of Mu, the sisters weave the fate of those requiring spiritual and karmic lessons during their life in Azmerith, Lemuria, or Atlantis.



Origin India

Pre-Hindu tribal spirits with beauty, wisdom and magical powers. Powerful snake spirits. They may live underwater, underground, or in trees. They are guardians of treasures, especially minerals, gems, petroleum, and anything else of value under the ground. The center of Nagas worship on Earth may have been in Kashmir.

Nandi Bear

Origin Africa

Africa’s most vicious beast, the Nandi Bear is named for the Nandi people among whom it lived in western Kenya. The Nandi Bear resembles a powerfully built upright tree-climbing hyena between 4 and 6 feet tall, with high front shoulders and a sloping back. It has thick dark reddish-brown fur, a thick mane, large teeth, and a long pointed snout. A ferocious nocturnal carnivore, it visits Earth less frequently since firearms were invented. While it may still be viewed occasionally on our side of the Between it seems to prefer living in the coastal hills of Azmerith.


Origin Scotland

Aka: The Loc Ness Monster, Nessy is a water dragon of Azmerith residing in the submerged caves and grottos of the Sea of Tiamat. She is a consort of the Dragon King of the Sea but their relationship is sometimes troubled. When they have a quarrel and her feelings are hurt, Nessy goes through the Between to pout in Loc Ness. Often sighed there, her existence has never been confirmed by humans because when they search for her she quickly swims back to Azmerith.


Origin Teutonic

A male Nixie, merman. Master shape-shifters, and able to walk on legs whenever on land, nixes may appear to be a handsome human man. They enjoy seducing human women and can be quite romantic.


Origin Teutonic

 Freshwater mermaids, nixies where given the gift of shape-shifting by Gaff; they can sprout legs to walk upon land and revert to their beautiful fish tail when swimming. These are powerful water beings who have been known to transform into grey horses when they wish to cross land from one body of water to another.


Njord /Njörðr

Origin Norse

A Vanir god, Njord has power over seas and lakes, ships, and boats. He was the harbormaster and prince of the port known as Noatun in Azmerith. One of Gaff’s Light-Lords, he was given one of the magical keys to lead his people and to settle the rivers and lakes of the new world.


Origin Japan

Three eyed demon, usually blue or pink, with three toes and three fingers ending in talons. He can fly but often walks. The Oni is an uncouth glutton who is easily tricked into overeating so much that they cannot move or over drinking until they pass out. Oni are known to be terrified by sprigs of holy.

Pali Kongju

Origin Korea

The seventh daughter of an ancient emperor, Pali Kongju was thrown from a cliff and abandoned to the sea by her father who had wanted instead a son. Rescued by the Dragon King, she grew up in his court and developed shamanistic powers. Pali Kongju and Karolyn met during Karolyn’s journey to Azmerith and Pali had promised to come to her aid if ever called upon.



Origin Crypto-zoological creature of the Nile, Egypt

 A jackal-like beast with square ears, dagger-like fangs and forked tail. Sal'awas are still seen in the Nile valley by villagers. Created by the Vagabond Mara in Azmerith as domesticated transport animals for trolls and Akvan demons, many escaped into the wild and crossed the Between to Egypt about the time of the Pharaohs.

Swan Goddess, Valkyries

Origin Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans

These magical dancers, are shamanistic spirits, skilled healers, herbalists, and teachers of spirit craft. In many manifestations they are known to be powerful shape-shifters and psychopomps, escorting souls to the afterlife.


Origin Azmerith

Tunnel attack beast created by Mara in Azmerith. Vicious and blood-thirsty by nature these beasts resemble large komodo dragons of Earth except for their increased size, tremendous strength, six legs, triple rows of teeth, and caustic saliva. Designed to attack the belly of dragons, threeks are extremely fast and agile with a thickly plated hide that is nearly impervious to fire.


Origin Teutonic

Sometimes thought to be Hulda because the two are sisters and work together performing the same task of renewing souls and delivering them to the Masters for rebirth. They often trade tasks when one becomes bored with her end of the duties.


Origin Canada

A flesh eating giant with a heart of ice, these demons have a paralyzing scream that stuns its victims. Using whole trees as snowshoes, they stalk the sub-artic forest in search of their next meal.


Origin Middle East

First recorded on Earth in Alexandria, Egypt about 200 B.C.E., the Zartan has seldom been accurately described. Those who have survived an encounter describe a giant sea-going turtle, an island, or a gigantic barnacle and seaweed encrusted whale. Whatever it is, it is colossal, festooned with valleys, rocks, crevasses and ridges where trees and other greenery grow. If mistaken for an island, the mariners landing there often find the island suddenly submerges, dragging surprised sailors to the depths of Davy Jones locker.



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