Close the doors, you uninitiated - Orpheus.

Welcome to the world of Azmerith,

home of the Cole Twins Saga

Here you may learn of woodlings, elves, unicorns, dragons and all manner of magical beings


Girl on Unicorn       

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Work in Progress

Coming in Dec. '24


The original Quest of the Seven Keys,

Book 1 and 2 of the Cole Twins Saga,

was the first translated work commissioned

by the Lemurian Masters of the University.

For readers who enjoy a longer read,

the original full version is available below.


Karolyn Cole and the

Quest of the Seven Keys





Donald George Stebbins


Donald George Stebbins hails from the mystical city of Mt. Shasta, California. An adventurer, mountain climber and translator, expert in the language of unicorns and ancient rooks, he was educated by Lemurian Masters in the University of Mu. After accidentally discovering a secret portal within Mount Shasta, Donald was able to travel extensively throughout Lemuria, gathering tales and legends that he shared with friends between journeys. These legends were compiled from a number of sources, including journals, the cuneiform tablets of unicorns and dusty scrolls in the archives of Azmerith. As you read on you will come to know this is all true and it will make sense because it explains everything you have always known in your heart to be true.